Year 8 pupils from Abbey Grange visited Arromanches, Pegasus Bridge and Ranville Cemetery. Here are their thoughts...


Rachel - Calm and depressing, too much to take in at one time, seeing all the graves and thinking that all of the people under them died. Felt sorry for all the families that got told that their son, husband or dad had died.


Adam - I was very moved and was upset as my Granddad is buried in Singapore and I can-t visit him.


Alex - I thought it was very interesting.  I couldn't believe it was in France and most of the soldiers were English.


Daniel - I was greatly saddened to think that so many soldiers died to liberate people that they didn't know.


Nicole - I found it sad how when we were walking around and saw a couple of graves that were unnamed.


Jack - Seeing all of those graves, all of those families hurt and ripped apart, all of those unknown bodies.  They truly changed the world and for that we owe them more than words can say, for without them we may not be here today.  I will remember them.


Ben - During the service I felt sad because these people died so we could be free.


Joe - Live on whatever happens and be respectful to not only the soldiers that fought for us but other people from other countries and faiths.


James - During this visit is was sad as normal people just like us died in the war.


Lloyd - I don't really know what to say or write because I have a weird feeling of sadness inside me.


Hannah - I think that all the soldiers who fought in the war are a great example to us.  They gave their lives to give us freedom.  The cemetery was a great chance to remember the soldiers and be thankful for all their courage and bravery.  We should respect the soldiers as they are an amazing role models for us.


Tosin - The whole day has made me really sad inside, especially the cemetery.   I felt really disrespectful standing over their bodies.  I didn't feel worthy enough.  I'm glad that they fought for us but I wish there was not war all together. They are heroes and will never be forgotten.  It makes me want to try to make a difference to other people.  Sixty Five ago was a very special day that will never be forgotten.


Hannah - Going to the cemetery really moved me and I honestly thought I was going to cry.  It really shocked me how many people had died and I was inspired by their bravery and love for our county.  It also really upset me that each person had someone who had killed them, and if they had survived who would have to live with the guilt of killing another human being all their lives.  I am inspired by the soldiers who risked and lost their lives for a better tomorrow for the future people of England.


James - I was really inspired by the boy who faked his age so he could get himself into the Army.


Lauren - I found Ranville Cemetery really upsetting.  I thought the graves for unknown soldiers were upsetting; their families could be looking at relative or a complete stranger.  I was somewhat disappointed and angry in the people who were at the centre of the war, as, just because they couldn't sort out a dilemma, they obviously felt that they had the right to send so many people to their deaths and turn people into murderers.  This trip has made me feel even stronger about how I hate war. However, I don't blame the soldiers for anything.  I am really grateful towards them.


Sara - At the cemetery there was a peaceful atmosphere.  This was because everyone was respectful and quiet towards the graves and the loss of others.


Rosie - It was sad to think they died for us they should never been forgotten. What they went through very brave.  Seeing how many people actually died is horrible, it shouldn't have happened. R.I.P  all.


Lizzy - I think that all the soldiers in the cemetery were very brave and they gave their lives to give us freedom.   It was a great experience at the grave yard and I think the soldiers are great role models for all of us.


Anonymous - One young man would have been 85 years old today.  I didn't expect that to upset me but I wondered if he was a Dad or not, but certainly he wouldn't have been Grandad.  Why didn't I ask my Granddads more about what their experiences were like? A real missed opportunity! Perhaps we can all learn to take opportunities.  Perhaps we've learned to be more thankful.