10 Facts about the Camp


1) Situated on Weston Lane. The land was owned by Weston Hall. A camp for British Soldiers was close by at Farnley Hall.


2) Seven POWs were buried in Otley Cemetery. Their bodies were later moved to Carrock Chase German Cemetery.


3) People living in Otley today remember POWs marching through the town from the railway station to the camp.


4) At first the POWs lived in tents. Nissan huts were built at a later date.


5) Some POWs worked in Otley hospital as gardeners and porters. At the end of the war two POWs worked there for the rest of their lives.


6) During the heavy snow in the 1947 winter some POWs from Otley were sent to help clear the Settle to Carlisle railway line.


7) Many POW made friends with local families. Sunday afternoons were a popular time for local people to walk up to see the camp. It was not unusual for cigarettes to be pushed through the fence wires as a gift to the POWs.


8) The camp was closed in 1948.


9) The Second World War Experience in Horsforth, Leeds has a painting of the camp in it’s collection. It was painted by a POW.


10) St Joseph’s Primary School have a wooden carving by a POW on display in their reception.