Lessons from Auschwitz Project

Written by Amy and Megan – Year 12


We visited Auschwitz as part of the Lesson’s from Auschwitz project. On our return we ran a workshop for all Year 9 pupils. This included activities such as a memorial for the people who died in the holocaust and a presentation on genocide.

This is an experience we’ll never forget. It has been very emotional. It was life changing and really put everything into perspective. It is something everyone should experience.


Activities that Year 9 students took part in were:

8 stages of Genocide presentation and discussions.

Thumb print memorial.

Discussion about a poem.

Creating a leaf memorial.


Quotes from Year 9 pupils:

‘Shocking to see the different stages of genocide, and how often the first two are still done today’

‘When everyone was making the memorial the room was so quiet’